What To Do: Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! The City of Sin – a place to lose your senses, savings, and soul. But what can you actually do while you’re in Vegas other than drink and gamble yourself into copious amounts of debt? I am not a huge party person, and spending five nights in Vegas I had a whole heap of free time to figure out that there is actually plenty to do and see.



Beer Pong
Instead of spending your time paying $20 for a drink in a nightclub packed with people, you can grab a bunch of friends and play beer pong at O’Shea’s Casino, just off the strip in the Linq (where the High Roller is). It’s cheap to get a jug of beer, and you can play as much as you want. It’s great fun, a cheaper way to drink, and you can actually hear what your friends are saying to you.


Catch a Limo Ride Down the Strip
This is a must do – cheaper than taxis, and a fancy way to travel, hiring a limo to take you down the strip is a great way to take in all the colours, lights, and craziness that Vegas has on offer. Just generally, catch a limo wherever you want to go. A few girls and I wanted to get from the strip in to downtown and the taxi line was huge – we saw a limo driver, asked how much he would do it for, and it ended up being $5 each!


See The Strip From Above
Day or night, it is definitely a sight to see. There are plenty of places where you can see Vegas, and I would recommend doing it both day and night to really see the difference. You can go to the High Roller, the top of the Eiffel Tower, or you can find a lounge bar (pictured above) on the 40th floor and have a look for free. The Ghost Bar at the Palms Hotel is a bit out of the way, but the view was still incredible.


Explore the Resorts
Rather than going to the resorts to gamble or find a bar, actually go and explore the lobby. Each hotel is themed differently, and there is some impressive art to be seen – such as the glass blown flowers in the Bellagio. Most resorts also have daily shows on offer, such as the water fountain show at the Bellagio, the pirate ship and volcano show at Treasure Island, or the Fall of Atlantis at Cesar’s Palace.


Catch a Show
Or, if you are a theatre fiend like me, catch 7 shows. Yes, I saw 7 shows in the five days I was in Vegas. There is a huge variety on offer, from multiple Cirque Du Soleil shows – including the original still being played at the MGM Grand – to comedy, music acts like Britney Spears, musicals like Book of Mormon, acrobatics… the list goes on! Nearly every resort has a show or three on offer so ask your concierge what’s around to see!


Head Downtown
Downtown Vegas doesn’t get much appreciation – and it should! The drinks are cheaper, the crowds are smaller, and there’s a whole heap of things to do. You can zipline through the neon lights of Fremont Street, check out some quirky cafes and restaurants in Container City, drive a mustang or an array of cars… there’s heaps to do!


Go Shooting
Coming from Australia where guns are not a common thing to own, I wanted to shoot one while I was away on my road trip through the States. Vegas made that an easy reality as there are an array of reasonable gun ranges you can go to where you can shoot anything from a hand gun to a rifle to a AK47 and have someone stand with you and help you out.

Las Vegas was a great part of my trip, but it isn’t a place that I would be looking at going back to. I feel as if it is a place that you only need to experience once in your life, and once is definitely enough.

Have you ever gone to Vegas? What would you recommend to see or do?



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