20 Reasons to Travel in your 20s

I meet a lot of people the same age as me, if not older, who have never really traveled anywhere other than Bali. A lot of the time it’s because they can’t afford to travel and always go for the cheapest option* – hence why Bali is one of the prime ‘tourist’ destinations for Australia. There is not only so much of the world to see, but so much to experience and learn as a young person which affects and shapes who you are. You have the rest of your life to sit behind a desk and work, so why not enjoy yourself while you are still young and able! You never know what might happen.

* Check out my post How to (Realistically) Save for your Holiday post if you are having a tough time saving for that next adventure! *


1. You have SO much time
Most people in their 20s are still in uni or trying to figure out their lives or not in their dream career and have a whole heap of free time. If you are at uni especially there’s a whole 3 month break you can take to go and adventure.

2. You are allowed to be selfish
You don’t have a mortgage, are more than likely not in a serious relationship, so it’s okay to be selfish and do things that you want to do.

3. You might pick up a new language
You will pick up words along the way or fall in love with a language that you will either continue to study it back home or just stay in that country to further your abilities – that happened to me when I first went to Japan in 2008 and now I am fluent in Japanese and have some amazing experiences under my belt.

4. You will be inspired
You will meet incredible people, try amazing food, see incredibly old and historic things it is pretty hard not to be inspired.

5. You will travel back in time
Imagine walking across Brooklyn Bridge which was built in 1883, or standing in front of the Notre Dame finished in 1345, or wandering through the rocks of the Stonehenge which is believed to have been constructed 3100BC. You can literally travel back in time when you travel so why not broaden your horizons?

6. You will grow as a person
You always hear this about travel but it is so very true. You will be surprised at how much you will change just from setting foot in a new country.

7. You will gain invaluable life experiences
You will learn to be compassionate, patience, and that you really have no control over what is going to happen – to name a few.

8. You will make lifelong friends
Some of my closest friends are ones who I have met abroad. There’s something about bonding with someone over your adventures that sticks with you forever. I met a girl in 2011 while traveling through Europe and even though she lives in Perth which is 4,500+km away from Brisbane we are still so close and visit each other every year. I even get to be a bridesmaid in her wedding in 2017!

9. You will learn to budget
A huge skill that will have great impacts on your life. You will learn to set goals and stick to them, how to save money to reach those goals, and how to budget while you are away. There’s nothing worse than blowing your holiday fund in Primark on your first day in England – I learnt this when I was 19…

10. You will have more stories to tell
How great will it be rolling up to your high school reunion with all those stories to tell? Or meeting new people and bonding over places you have both been? Or even just having some awesome experiences that will make others laugh or inspire them to travel too?


11. Your confidence will grow
And I mean by ten fold. I was always a shy and timid person, but traveling – and solo traveling especially – has helped me change who I used to be. I had to be confident whilst overseas and learn to talk to people I didn’t know and it has greatly impacted who I am now as a person.

12. You will make mistakes and learn from them
The best life lessons I have learnt is through making mistakes abroad. I have splurged all my travel expenses on clothes and alcohol, I have slept in and missed buses, I have bought useless souvenirs that I really didn’t need, I have not kept my wits about me and have ended up in scary situations… All of which have taught me how to travel smarter, and other lessons which impact my life back home.

13. Your tastebuds will change
As long as you are willing to experience new, different, and exotic foods. You will learn new flavours that you may use when cooking back at home, or learn that you actually do love spicy foods or weird meats. You will also have some cool stories to tell when you eat some weird things!

14. You are the healthiest you will ever be
So you have no excuse not to go! Why wait until you are retired and your kids have grown to travel when you aren’t guaranteed to be fit and healthy enough to do so?

15. You will learn how others live
Which will make you appreciate what you have. Culture shock is a real thing, and it can shape the way you view the world and help you become more grateful for what you actually have.

16. It will broaden your career path
Uni degrees are no longer a huge influencer when it comes to getting the best job. Employers are looking for people who have wide life experiences and love young people who have traveled often, especially if it involves volunteer work. Who knew going on that big trip around Europe may actually impact upon your future job?

17. You are encouraged to get out of your comfort zone
Taking risks is what the traveling life is all about. You can’t expect to live a full and wonderful life by sitting home every day watching Netflix. Traveling puts you in situations that you may have never found yourself in before – you may need to take a risk at some point or get out there and talk to someone you don’t know. It inevitably shapes who you are!

18. You might discover what you want in life
And it might not be what you always thought it was. I used to be so focused on getting a career, a high paying job, and eventually married with children when I was younger, but traveling  has completely changed that. I have discovered that all I want to do in my life is travel the world – and I mean everywhere – and I am not so fussed on my career. As long as I am happy with a job that pays the bills and travel expenses then that’s all I need in life!

19. It’s just so easy
Globalisation is incredible. It’s so easy to just jump on a plane now and go on an adventure. It’s so easy to book too with online and travel agent options.

20. Just do it!
Whether you are 20, 30, 50, or 70, just go and do it! Don’t spend your life regretting the things you didn’t do, spend your life reminiscing the things you did too!


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  1. Red says:

    I absolutely love this blog. I totally agree!
    Hi- I’m a fellow travel blogger and was wondering if I could nominate you for an award for best new blogs! I was nominated and it’s my turn to nominate someone! Do you have an email I can contact you with and tell you more about the award? :)-Karina

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Karina,
      That sounds fantastic! You can contact me on mapmyadventures@hotmail.com


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