Eat Your Way Through: United States

Oh America, the land of supersize foods, sugar hits, and unhealthy goodness. My 8 week road trip around 37 of the states presented a huge variety of food that I had never expected – I always imagined it would just be burgers, fries, soda, and huge slices of pizza. Although the majority of my time there was spent eating ungodly amounts of unhealthy food, there are still some amazing dishes, combinations, and sweet things that you should try while you are there. Here are a few of my favourites from my time in the states.


In’N’Out Burger, Los Angeles
This was literally my first meal when I arrived in to America. By the time I got off the plane and to my hostel in Hollywood it was around 5pm and I was starving. I had heard a lot about this place so I thought I would check it out and wow I wasn’t disappointed. A girl who came along with me from my hostel said to ask for it ‘animal style’ so I did and it meant extra sauce and pickles and onions. Apparently they have a whole secret menu that you just need to ask for! In’N’Out Burger is really only on the East Coast – California in particular – so if you are around that area check it out!


Philly Cheese Steak, Philadelphia
I waited 45 minutes in a line around the block to try the ‘best Philly cheese steak in all of Philly’ at a place called Jim’s Steaks and it was absolutely delicious and worth the wait. It is literally just shredded steak, whiz cheese (out of a jar), and grilled onions but I just wanted to eat more and more!


Deep Fried Everything, Dallas
Deep fried chicken, deep fried steak (top), deep fried pickles (bottom) – deep fried everything (they call it ‘chicken fried chicken’)! Down south you can literally get everything deep fried so embrace it and maybe buy your jeans a size larger before you go there.


All of the candy
If you don’t have it back in your country, eat it. Twizzlers, Jolly Ranchers, Candy Corn – all the sugar, just try it! You’re bound to try some flavours you haven’t experienced before.


Buffalo Wings, Durango
A staple in America, buffalo (chicken) wings can come in all sorts of flavours – even peanut butter & jelly (jam) – and are usually served with ranch or blue cheese dipping sauce. They are so good you will eat it more than once, I guarantee you that.


$2 Hot Dog, Los Angeles
Cheap, and probably not healthy in any sort of way, these hot dogs are delicious! Grab them in a street vendor or a baseball match and cover it will pickles, sauce, and onions. Yum!


Chilli Cheese Fries, Memphis
What else do you want – fries, chilli beef and canned cheese? Sounds disgusting but it is such a tasty savoury snack.


Gumbo, New Orleans
A traditional New Orleans stew with vegetables, meats or shellfish, it is filled with incredible Cajun flavours and is a staple in the South.


Fish Chowder & Maine Lobster Rolls, Boston
If seafood is your thing then check out fish chowder and lobster rolls in Boston. Full of flavour and light to enjoy, you have to give it a shot.


Giant Pizza Slices, Las Vegas
Literally everywhere in America, you have to try a big greasy slice of cheese or pepperoni pizza at least once when you are in the States. They are especially great when you have had a little bit too much to drink!


Every flavour of Pringles
I guarantee there will be flavours you never new existed. Everytime we went in to a Walmart I would go straight to the chips aisle and see what flavours I have never tried – and they are only $2 so not a huge extra cost. The ranch were actually my favourite!


A ‘Man vs. Food’ Challenge, Memphis
As America is known for everything being super large, a food challenge definitely needs to be on your list! We came across heaps like burgers, chicken wings, steaks, ice-cream etc. so there is plenty of variety. This burger is called the Kookamunga and is a challenge to be between 4 people at is at Kooky Canuck’s in Memphis. We didn’t finish the entire thing but we made a solid effort, and I’m not going to lie we felt pretty seedy the rest of the night.


A Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory, Las Vegas
They have every flavour that you can think of in cheesecake form – this one is the Hershey’s Kisses – and they are super tasty!


Fried Green Tomatoes, New Orleans
Another popular dish down south, unripe green tomatoes deep fried – um yes! You have to try them.


Smores, Cody
A stereotypical snack in America it is something that you have to try. Crackers, cooked marshmallows, and melted chocolate – yes please!


Peanut Butter & Jelly (Jam) Burgers, Los Angeles
It seems Americans just love the flavours of PB&J as they put it on everything, even a savoury burger!


Navajo Tacos, Washington
Typically made with buffalo meat, it was probably the healthiest looking thing I ate the entire time I was in America. It is packed full of flavours and textures – yum!


A Burger from the Shake Shack, New York City
Only available in New York City, and one in Las Vegas, this burger joint is a household name. They are juicy and tasty, and also serve frozen custard on the side.


Sonic Burger, Las Vegas
The whole concept of Sonic Burger interested me. You order off a screen and then they bring the meal outside to you. The burgers are better than McDonalds, they sell deep fried mozzarella sticks, and also boast a milkshake menu of over 100 flavours. Typically American and super tasty!


This post should have been called ‘eating burgers throughout the United States’ but hey, they make some pretty mean burgers! What are your favourite foods in America?

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  1. HikeSnobs says:

    Looks delicious!


  2. HAHA you are so right about the burgers thing! I ate so many in America and when I go back this summer I intend to eat so many more.


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