Eat Your Way Through: Vietnam

One of the most memorable parts of my escapade through Vietnam was most definitely the food! Imagine healthy, fresh, homely meals each and every day – what more do you want? Here’s an idea of what you need to put on your plate while exploring this incredible country.



Green Papaya Salad

A whole different level of spicy – not for the faint hearted. If you are a fan of spicy foods, I can guarantee you this will have you sweating in seconds. It’s so tasty!


Family Style Dining

A dominate part of Vietnamese culture is sharing meals, and you will find majority of restaurants cater only for meals to be shared. What I loved about this is that the restaurant staff (usually an entire family of all generations) get involved and help you make the foods, try and talk to you, and tell you to keep eating! There was a place in Hoi An where the mother and grandmother of the restaurant continuously told us to keep eating because we were too skinny and ‘boys do not like skinny’. It is such a great atmosphere with your friends also, and it is impossible to have food envy as you can try everything on the table.


All the Sweets

Healthy ‘bad’ food? Yes please! Imagine dried fruits, coconut flavours, sesame seeds, rice… a delectable collection of sweets can be found all around Vietnam! And you won’t even feel guilty eating it by the bucket load.


& All the Spices

Vietnamese foods rely on spices – and a lot of it – alongside fresh herbs. The people love an abundance of flavour, and you will find it in every meal you eat, guaranteed!


Pork & Prawn Pancakes

Most definitely my favourite meal, pork and prawn pancakes are so good you will want to eat them everywhere you turn! Most are served disassembled so you have to make them yourself, but I believe that only adds to the fun of it! If you are struggling I’m sure one of the lovely family members of the restaurant will give you a hand. The flavour combination of the pork and prawns, alongside fresh herbs and spices is a concoction that will keep you salivating for more!


Fresh Whole Fish

I am not sure what kind of fish this is, but you can find it everywhere in Vietnam. Typically cooked and served whole, it is light and fresh and absorbs any flavours that are cooked alongside it.


& All Kinds of Seafood

Seafood is a huge staple all throughout Vietnam, but in Halong Bay it is exceedingly popular. Everything is super fresh and bursting with flavour, you might even spot the fisherman catching the meal of the day before your eyes!


Morning Glory

Also called ‘water spinach’, morning glory is popular all over South East Asia, but is a very popular side dish in Vietnam. It’s so healthy for you – full of iron, fibre, and a bunch of antioxidants and vitamins which is a necessity for any traveler to avoid exhaustion


Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Because you just can’t say no…


Ice Cream from Fanny’s – Hanoi

Fanny‘s is a famous ice-creamery in Hanoi for all the right reasons! They offer a delectable menu of sundaes, smoothies, sorbets, pancakes & crepes in a huge variety of flavours. It is a necessity for cooling down on a hot and humid day in Vietnam, so use your dong and buy some Fanny’s!

You also must eat Pho whilst traveling through Vietnam. A staple dish consisting of a broth, noodles, meats and vegetables, it is a crowd favourite for tourists and locals – you can’t go wrong!

What are some of your favourite foods to eat in Vietnam?


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