16 Ways to Experience Paris

Bonjour Paris, the city of love, lights, and sheer beauty.Without a doubt you have once dreamt of traveling to Paris, devouring a baguette under the Eiffel Tower, riding a bike along the Siene, taste testing sweets in Ladurée, or even going to mass at the Notre Dame. Whatever it is that you are after, Paris sits high at the top of every new, and seasoned, traveler’s list – and for good reason! Paris offers deep history, rich food, vigorous wine, and just sheer beauty in every possible aspect. My time exploring this city was rather limited – less than 48 hours – but that only means I have to return one day!

If you are looking at how to experience Paris, here are sixteen ways to get you on the right track.DSCN0796DSCN0771DSCN0811DSCN0824

1. Marvel at Parisian Architecture

The streets of Paris are a true masterpiece, every building holds a piece of history, culture, and unique design. No wonder it gets the name of one of the most beautiful cities in the world.


2. & Marvel at how the locals drive…

You will never see driving quite like this anywhere else in the world, yet somehow it works. Cars will pull out in front of you and drive the wrong way across the road, scooters will constantly weave in and out, yet it eventually flows.


3. See a Cabaret

Renowned for the Moulin Rouge, Paris offers an array of cabarets throughout the city that offer dinner and a show, a true Parisian affair.


4. & See an Opera at the famed Opera House

With nightly shows, the Opera House holds deep history and beautiful architectural design, so why not enjoy a bit of both?


5. Eat a crepe

Because everybody in Paris eats nutella and banana crepes, right?


6. Visit the Louvre

An obvious must do, but make sure you are willing to dedicate an entire day to see the whole place. They say if you were to look at each piece of artwork in the Louvre for one whole minute, you would need months to see the entire exhibition – so grab a map of the building and get started!


7. See the Arc De Triomphe

It is one of the most famous monuments in Paris so you can’t miss it. You can also observe the crazy Parisian driving in the surrounding roundabout too!


8. Eat a Creme Brulee

Because eating an entire days worth of calories in one dessert is apparently acceptable in Paris – plus they are just too delicious to say no.


9. Visit the incredible Eiffel Tower by day

Because what trip to Paris doesn’t involve the Eiffel Tower? It is a true architectural masterpiece. Who would have thought it was supposed to be pulled down after the World’s Fair in 1900 – I’m sure glad they didn’t!


10. & Watch it light up at night

Because it is a truly romantic sight.


11. Visit Napoleon’s Tomb

Yes the infamous little man is buried here in the Musee De L’Armee, inside seven coffins to be exact. It is also strategically positioned that you can only view the tomb from two positions – above where you are bowing down to Napoleon, or below where you are looking up at him. Talk about an ego complex!


12. & Wander through the Musee De L’Armee

This museum encapsulates the brutal, military history of France with artefacts, historical documents, and plenty of history for you to delve into.


13. Taste the famous delicacies

Snails and frogs legs? I remember hearing about this when I was ten years old and thinking ‘woah that is disgusting’… How times have changed! I actually liked snails so much that I have eaten them a few times in my life, and the frogs legs were delectable too. You just have to do it!


14. Experience Mass at the Notre Dame

Religious or not, mass at the Notre Dame is a beautiful affair, one that I recommend you add to your list. It is also a fantastic way to escape from the cold winds of winter…


15. See the ‘rubies’ and ‘diamonds’ of the Champs Elysees

The traffic along the Champs Elysees is at an always constant, so they have now named the car lights as the rubies and diamonds of Paris.


16. Admire the stained glass windows of the Notre Dame

A masterpiece within a gothic masterpiece, each stained glass window is different from the next and reflects some incredible colours. Take some time to wander through this glorious cathedral to take it all in!

My time in Paris was limited (less than 48 hours) so this is all that I got up to. What would you recommend to do next time I return to Paris? Any advice or hotspots you want to share?


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