What to Do: Texas

On my recent road trip through the United States, I was fortunate enough to visit a few stops in the incredibly large state of Texas – Amarillo, Dallas, and Fort Worth. Although I only sampled a small bite of the largest state in America, everything was bigger and better here that it sure did leave me wanting more! Here’s what you should get up to if you are driving through Texas.


Spray paint Cadillacs at Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo

Yes they are real Cadillacs, yes they are worth thousands of dollars, and yes they are stuck in the ground. An art project founded in 1974, the Cadillacs are open to the public to decorate and add their own mark. BYO spray paint!


Enjoy the ‘big’ things – Amarillo

They aren’t lying when they say ‘everything is bigger in Texas’ – it is pure fact! The cars are bigger, the food is bigger, and even the people are bigger. But hey, I’m not complaining!


Experience a Rodeo – Fort Worth

A typical Texan thing is a good ol’ Cowboy Rodeo, so why not get amongst the locals, grab a few beers, and see a long held tradition of Texas. You can see everything from showmanship to cattle chasing, rope tricks to racing – it’s entertainment for everybody!


See where JFK was shot – Dallas

huge part of history, every American remembers where they were when they heard that President John F. Kennedy was shot. Exploring the building where it took place, seeing the footage, and hearing the conspiracies behind it are an incredible experience and crucial part of history.


Explore the Old Town – Fort Worth

Wander through the stockyards, buy some cowboy boots or a hat, or try a real southern meal, Fort Worth has everything quintessentially Texan on offer.


Ride a mechanical bull – Fort Worth

Or at least attempt to, because it is the stepping stone to becoming a cowboy/cowgirl right?


Devour that Southern cuisine – Dallas

Deep fried everything (above are pickles), big chunks of steak, butter and ranch on everything, what isn’t there to love about the Southern food? Just be sure to walk a whole heap the next day…

What do you love to get up to in Texas?


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  1. Red says:

    those spray painted cars are so cool!!! I love quirky art like that. I just wrote a piece about some quirky art in CA.. http://bit.ly/23MQeEQ. If I’m ever in Texas I will check this place out!


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