Eat Your Way Through: China


China is a haven for foodies offering a huge variety of foods with different styles all across the country. Forget the Chinese food you are used to, sweet & sour pork and honey chicken aren’t really a thing when you are talking real Chinese food! Get your forks at the ready and let’s have a look at what you should be eating when you visit China.



Because you simply cannot come to China and not eat dumplings. Every city or town you visit has a different flare on their dumpling recipe so be sure to eat them everywhere you go! The coloured dumplings are from a restaurant called Baoyuan Dumplings which is easy to access via the metro. The staff do not speak English but they do have English menus if you aren’t too confident with your Chinese abilities.


Szechwan Cuisine

My favourite part about Chinese food! Szechwan flavours are like an explosion in your mouth and can be found all over the country. A little bit spicy, a little bit peppery, and sure to dazzle the tastebuds. My favourite were the dishes with silken tofu and green beans – YUM!


Chinese Tea Culture

Chinese people don’t carry bottles of water with them, they carry bottles of tea. Tea is a renowned healer and part of Chinese life for its medicinal and healing purposes so you definitely need to jump on the bandwagon and give all the different flavours a try!


Shanghai Dumplings

A must do if you visit Shanghai – but they can be found all around the country. Shanghai dumplings are like traditional dumplings except in the centre you will find soup! You are given a straw to drink the soup and then you eat the dumplings which has eventually absorbed all the delicious flavours.


Family Style Dining

If you are traveling with friends I recommend getting a family style meal from a local restaurant to share between everyone – or eat it on your own if you are super hungry.


Dong Hua Men Night Markets, Beijing

must on the list for all foodie’s in Beijing! Here you can treat your tastebuds on all kinds of food, from ‘normal’ to ‘weird’, sweet to sour, spicy to savoury – they have everything! Make sure you skip lunch the day you decide to go so you can fit everything in, and don’t be afraid to try something new – you may be pleasantly surprised!

What are your favourite foods in China?


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